Who We Are

For several years, Strategy Nord has been a key provider of risk-aware solutions and services for corporate enterprises, governments and intergovernmental organisations across the world.

Our team of seasoned experts help governments by enabling them to develop integrated security and intelligence capabilities within their security institutions; we also provide corporate enterprises with essential advisory and investigative support to help protect their brand, reputation and supply chain. Our organisation is composed of former government, military, law enforcement and corporate risk management professionals. Additionally, we are supported by a global network of specialists that enable us to provide our clients with discreet and professional risk management solutions worldwide.

What We Do

Every day, we apply the skills, expertise and resources of our team to secure, inform and advise our clients and help them protect their people, assets and reputation. Our success is underpinned within the corporate and government-level offerings we supply worldwide, and they include:

  • Corporate Enterprise Solutions: We are a leader in the provision of security risk management, investigations, business intelligence and cyber security solutions for businesses and companies spread across multiple business sectors
  • Government Services: We equip government security institutions and help them address their security challenges by providing managed capability development solutions including training, mentoring, and advisory services.
Government Services

Developing and managing security capability development and intelligence reform programmes for public sector entities

Learn about how we provide integrated capacity building, reform and mentoring programmes for intelligence, military and law enforcement institutions - including those located in conflict-affected areas

Security Risk Management

Working with enterprises to develop and implement cost-effective security solutions

We apply our expertise and help our clients create a secure, compliant and resilient workplace that ensures the protection of their brand, assets and people

Business Intelligence

Creating insight for enterprises seeking to maintain their competitive edge

Our high-quality, tailored, and forward-looking all-source intelligence is considered a strategic priority for many of our clients operating in overseas markets

#saveouriraq – What everyone should know about the ongoing protests in Iraq
#saveouriraq – What everyone should know about the ongoing protests in Iraq

Do you have business interests in Iraq? Read our analysis and first-hand observations of the ongoing protests in Iraq.

Untangling cyberspace and achieving electronic superiority on the battlefield
Untangling cyberspace and achieving electronic superiority on the battlefield

Read about how we impart our expertise to help governments and military institutions develop and effective and resilient Cyber Operations capability that addresses modern-day threats.

Protective Security
Protective Security

Our team provides solutions that are tailored to your specific business requirements. Predominantly driven by our significant military experience, we ensure the delivery of managed security services regardless of the nature of the operating environment.


About Us

Learn more about Strategy Nord and our proven track record of providing dedicated security and investigative support for corporate enterprises and governments



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Risk Management

At the heart of our organisation is our tailored approach to security risk management across all industrial sectors including finance, banking and tourism


Business Intelligence

We gather, analyse and produce essential business intelligence to provide enterprises with valuable insight into their competitors and emerging markets

Featured Services

Background Screening

Enabling enterprises to recruit their chosen candidates with confidence

Learn how we create secure and resilient enterprises by providing background screening and vetting solutions

Private Intelligence and Security Company in Denmark
Competitor Intelligence

Ensuring that your enterprise retains a leading edge

We are a unique and trusted supplier of unbiased and measured insight for enterprises seeking to learn more about their competitors and their respective marketplace

Security Services in Denmark and Malta
Capacity Building

Imparting our expertise to help intelligence, military and law enforcement institutions

We are trusted by several EU agencies to provide capability development, advisory and mentoring solutions in support of capacity building programmes

Cyber Risk Managament

Securing digital data and information from tomorrow's threats

We secure critical systems by applying a holistic and intelligence-led approach. Whether we are upgrading your cyber defence or responding to a serious incident, we provide dedicated support to help you mitigate against current and emerging threats