Our History

Strategy Nord was formed in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing highly-specialised solutions and transformation programmes in the fields of security, justice, intelligence and stabilisation in emerging, fragile and conflict-affected states. We are an independent organisation composed of former intelligence, military and law enforcement professionals in addition to highly experienced experts in the fields of international development and governance.

Our Approach

Our systems-based approach to programme design and management in addition to our expertise across a broad spectrum of technical areas is what sets us apart. We apply our expertise to help countries address the most serious of modern-day threats to society including terrorism, insurgency, serious organised crime, human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of vulnerable people and children.

Our Capabilities

Our success and reputation are built on the expertise of our team of specialists drawn from the military, law enforcement, intelligence, governance, international development and cybersecurity sectors. Also, we maintain established business relationships with like-minded companies and systems developers, ensuring that we provide our clients with exposure to the latest best practices and systems.

Our Global Expertise

Headquartered in Denmark, but with a permanent presence in the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden, our footprint enables us to apply the diverse expertise of our team and ensure continuous support for our clients.

Since 2015, Strategy Nord has supported government and inter-governmental organisation clients in 43 countries including Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Nigeria and Thailand.

We provide threat-focused Project Management; Training and Mentoring; Research and Analysis; and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning services for Governments, Military Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies.
We countries address a complex array of security challenges – including Armed Insurgencies, Terrorism, Organised Crime, and Irregular Migration – by improving their security capabilities

Our Past Projects

To date, Strategy Nord has contributed towards several large-scale transformation and capability development projects for a number of government and inter-governmental institutions including:

  • The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation - EUROPOL
  • The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training - CEPOL
  • The European Border and Coast Guard Agency - FRONTEX
  • The European Defence Agency - EDA
  • The European External Action Service - EEAS
  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office - FCO
  • US Defense Threat Reduction Agency - DTRA

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What We Do