Whether we are providing investigative due diligence for the financial and insurance industry, or building capacity on-behalf of governments and intergovernmental organisations; we work closely with our clients to deliver systems-based solutions and comprehensive advisory services for public and private entities.

Our success and reputation is built on the expertise of our team of specialists; each of whom is drawn from the corporate risk management, military, law enforcement, intelligence and cyber security sectors.

Strategy Nord has developed its international operating capability by organically growing to meet the needs of its clients. With official representation in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Malta and Gibraltar; Strategy Nord has a proven reputation of supporting major corporate projects throughout Europe and supplying tested training programmes for military and law enforcement organisations across the world.

Our organisation consists of experts and specialists drawn from a variety of high-profile backgrounds including:

  • UK National Crime Agency (NCA)
  • British Army Intelligence Corps (Int Corps)
  • Australian Intelligence Corps (AUSTINT)
  • The Corps of Royal Marines (RM)
  • Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET)
  • Danish Army Intelligence Center (HEC)
Security services in Denmark and Malta
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