We take immense pride in our capability to apply creative thinking to our assignments. To achieve this, we maintain a constant situational awareness of emerging risks and opportunities, and apply a tailored approach to inform and advise our clients.

We are a unique organisation that provides dedicated support to both corporate enterprises, governments and inter-governmental organisations worldiwde. We are proud of our strong and enduring relationship with several EU agencies and we further value our long relationship with many high profile corporate enterprises with interests across multiple industrial sectors.

Our Mission

Our underlying mission is to help keep people safe, contribute to a safe and secure world, and protect corporate enterprises and governments. We do this by providing the most efficient advisory, consultancy, and capability development solutions for organisations exposed to risks in hostile, emerging and challenging environments.

Additionally, we strive to provide dedicated support to government institutions and contribute to the global effort to maintain peace and security in an increasingly volatile world.

Standards and Certification

We are committed to providing quality services in a safe and secure manner. Strategy Nord operates in such a way that protects you and your organisation's security while conforming to relevant legislation and regulations.

We conduct our business and security operations by managing risks to all of our stakeholders including; our clients, staff, consultants, affected communities, and supply chain. Our underlying ethos is to follow the laws, regulations and contractual obligations that make up our business relationships. This also includes continuously focusing on implementing quality control processes and procedures in order to provide exceptional deliverables.

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