Intelligence and security support for FRONTEX

We are pleased to announce that Strategy Nord has been selected by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX) to provide expert services in support of security, stabilisation and capability development programmes.

Our selection by FRONTEX follows a request by the agency for expert services across a variety of specialist areas. Specifically, Strategy Nord was selected to provide our services with regards to the following key areas:

  • Maritime Security: Imparting our knowledge and expertise in the area of Maritime Security with a focus on advising on existing and emerging maritime security threats, security policies, available and emerging maritime security applications, and training and mentoring FRONTEX staff.
  • OSINT and SOCMINT: Applying our expertise on a wide range of social media monitoring tools and applications including Boolean language for setting up automatic searches based on keywords. Additionally, we will focus on supporting the development/maintenance of effective keyword based searches and providing expertise on social media monitoring solutions.
  • Field Security: Providing close support advisory services with regards to operational security, emergency response procedures, evacuation plans, and security plans  for official institutions.

Strategy Nord looks forward to cooperating closely with FRONTEX by providing our expert services in support of key programmes to help reduce illegal migration to the EU. Further information regarding our specialist services on behalf of our inter-governmental clients can be made available upon request by contacting us.

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