Joseph Jones to present Paliscope webinar

On 26 November, Joseph Jones will present the first of a two-part webinar series on-behalf of Paliscope. The webinar, titled “Integrating Artificial Intelligence: How to process and analyze raw data and information to map organized crime groups” will demonstrate how Paliscope’s newest Artificial Intelligence platform, YOSE, can enable law enforcement and police forces to quickly, efficiently and effectively build an accurate intelligence picture of organized crime groups from raw data including images, videos and text documents.

The webinar will intends to provide the audience with expert insight and enable them to learn:

  • How to gather raw data from open sources and social media.
  • How to process raw data and information through YOSE.
  • How to leverage YOSE to identify and match persons and objects of interest.
  • How to search and locate text in images, scanned documents, emails, and screenshots using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • How to connect the dots by leveraging the YOSE analytical tools to map criminal networks.

To attend the live webinar, visit Paliscope to register your attendance.

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