Measured and Risk Aware Solutions

Our Expertise

Security services and risk management solutions for businesses in Denmark
Risk Management

Helping you to anticipate and respond to safety and security challenges facing your brand, people and assets by providing detail-oriented security solutions

Business and Competitor Intelligence services in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Business Intelligence

We maintain your leading edge by collecting and analysing business-critical information and producing valuable insight concerning your competitors and prospective markets

privat efterretnings-, analyse- og sikkerhedsvirksomhed

Providing enterprises with the means to recruit employees with the utmost confidence in addition to providing dedicated support to help identify, manage and resolve internal incidents

Cyber and Information Security services for companies
Cyber Risk Management

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your most sensitive data by providing enterprises with end-to-end and risk-aware cyber security services

Military and Police training and capability development services
Government Services

Designing and managing capability development and reform programmes for public sector entities; including large-scale projects to train, equip and mentor military and security institutions