We design and deliver programmes that enable governments and inter-governmental organisations address the threat from extremism and radicalisation. Our core focus is to raise the capacity of our clients and ensuring they are capable of delivering robust and sustainable counter-extremism and de-radicalisation outcomes. Our experience covers a broad range of counter extremism and counter radicalisation programmes; from supporting community outreach initiatives to the design of strategies to help detect vulnerable people.

Additionally, our offerings also include the continuous monitoring and evaluating the implementation of national counter extremism strategies, enabling our clients and partners to gain maximum insight into the overall effectiveness and sustainability of ongoing strategies. Our expert team is highly experienced in designing and implementing counter extremism and counter radicalisation programmes, their experience stems from their involvement in supporting projects associated with the UK's Counter-Terrorism Strategy (Contest).

Our Expertise

We offer solutions that enable government and inter-governmental organisations to understand the key issues that drive extremism; raise counter terrorism, counter extremism and counter radicalisation capacities; and enable the implementation of community preventative institutions and initiatives. Key offerings we provide include:

  • Research and Analysis: We apply our analytical expertise to develop and test hypotheses concerning the drivers of radicalisation. Our expertise further enables us to identify at-risk groups, ensuring the development of effective strategies
  • Training and Mentoring: Our team carefully designs and delivers effective programmes for militaries, police and internal security forces and other government departments with a security mandate, improving their capacity to achieve effective counter-terrorism and counter extremism outcomes
  • Outreach: We design and implement community outreach initiatives to improve public confidence between communities and security forces, enabling both parties to work together to identify people at risk from radicalisation

Delivering Outcomes

In their former capacities, our team members have gained their experience from leading counter extremism and counter radicalisation programmes on behalf of government and inter-governmental organisations. Their experience is what drives our capacity to deliver effective and sustainable reform in countries at risk from terrorism and extremism. Examples of their expert work include:

  • United Kingdom: Maintaining close military - police cooperation in the field of counter extremism and monitoring during the London Olympic Torch relay and the period leading up the 2012 London Olympic Games
  • Undisclosed EU Member State: Research and analysis in support of a government agency to provide them with maximum visibility of far-right radicalisation affecting vulnerable communities
  • North Africa: Training and mentoring for the internal security forces of a North African state, enabling them to establish an effective capability to detect and monitor online radicalisation and extremist activity

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