Conflict and instability have accounted for a significant increase in organised crime, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery. In addition to our seasoned experience of addressing the issue of conflict and instability, our team regularly provides programme support for governments, police and internal security forces, and inter-governmental organisations to address the growing threat from transnational organised crime.

Our core focus is to contribute to the protection of lives, especially those considered at risk from sexual exploitation and slavery. In addition, we transfer our expertise to help law enforcement detect, investigate and dismantle dangerous criminal networks through the provision of training and mentoring programmes, and the implementation of next-generation systems.

Our Expertise

We combine our expertise to help countries address complex transnational criminality. We do this by raising the capacity of security institutions to detect and investigate organised criminality whilst working in vulnerable and conflict-affected countries to address the drivers of transnational organised crime. Our reform and capability development programmes include:

  • Research and Analysis: Providing governments and inter-governmental organisations with detailed insight and understanding of issues driving complex transnational crime and illegal migration
  • Informed and Managed Migration: Designing and introducing community outreach initiatives to help migrants make more informed choices about migration routes
  • Border Control: Helping countries introduce effective border controls through the provision of border security training
  • Detection and Investigation: Delivering capacity building and training programmes to help law enforcement address sexual abuse and exploitation, human trafficking, and modern-day slavery

Delivering Outcomes

Our experience transnational organised crime programming on behalf of clients addresses the entire spectrum of modern-day challenges including cyber-enabled criminality, illegal migration, human trafficking, slavery and the online sexual exploitation of children. Noteworthy programmes and projects that our team has supported include:

  • Libya: Our team conducted extensive research into migrant smuggling operations from Libya alongside the provision of training and mentoring for the Libyan Coastguard, raising their capacity to disrupt and deter illegal migration and smuggling
  • Lebanon: Through the design and delivery of capability development and training programmes to the Lebanese Armed Forces assigned to border security operations, we raised their capacity to detect and disrupt human trafficking and smuggling operations taking place along the Lebanon / Syria border.
  • United Kingdom: Members of our team conducted an extensive research and analysis concerning the cyber-enabled importation of drugs into the United Kingdom sea ports by organised crime groups

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