We transform the offensive and defensive cyber operations capability of our clients, strengthening their capacity to detect, monitor and respond to threats. Through the provision of expert training, mentoring and advice, our team impart their insight and expertise in the fields of Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO), Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO), Threat Intelligence, Architecture and Framework Design, Cyber Governance, and Information Assurance.

Our team transfer their expertise to militaries, police and internal security forces, and other government agencies with a cyber security mandate, ensuring the delivery of effective reform that protects critical national infrastructure and keeps vulnerable people safe and secure. Working closely with our partners, we help our clients introduce the latest technology including threat detection and monitoring platforms and online child sexual exploitation detection, investigation and reporting systems.

Our Expertise

Our team consists of seasoned experts who impart their insight and experience to provide scaleable and practical training and mentoring solutions for multiple institutions with a cyber security mandate. Our expertise to deliver cyber reform covers a broad range of thematic areas including:

  • Strategic: Designing and implementing National Cyber Security Strategies, enabling our clients' to strengthen their national-level capacity to detect and respond to cyber threats in addition to wider legislative reform with regards to computer misuse, cybercrime and cyber-enabled crimes against children
  • Operational: Helping our clients by designing and introducing Defensive and Offensive Cyber Operations Architectures and Frameworks, enabling them to clearly define their operational cyber capacity in accordance with National Cyber Security Strategies
  • Tactical: Raising the capacity of militaries, police and security forces through the provision of advanced training covering the detection and monitoring of cyber threats, investigating cybercrime, conducting covert online investigations, and collecting and analysing digital evidence from computers, mobile devices and networks
Our team has a long-standing history of supporting inter-governmental organisations including the European Defence Agency by helping them develop and implement essential Cyber Defence Architectures and Frameworks
We apply our expertise in the fields of Offensive Cyber Operations, Defensive Cyber Operations and Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations

Delivering Outcomes

Since 2015, we have been instrumental across several high-profile cyber transformation projects and programmes in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. From implementing strategic-level reform for countries at risk from state-sponsored cyber-enabled espionage to the development of online child protection strategies for countries in Africa at risk from the online exploitation of children, we have delivered future-proof solutions that address a broad and complex range of challenges. Notable projects that we at Strategy Nord have managed include:

  • European Defence Agency: In 2018, we provided sub-contracted services to help develop the European Defence Agency's cyber defence systems in accordance with EU-wide directives implemented by the European Commission in 2017
  • Lebanese Internal Security Forces: In 2019, a member of the Strategy Nord team provided Network Forensics and Analysis training in support of a wider counter terrorism capacity building programme led by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) for the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Beirut, Lebanon

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