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Cyber attackers are becoming increasingly more strategic and sophisticated in the targeted attacks they can deploy against corporate and government systems. Failing to prepare for and adapt to these increasingly evolving threats places critical systems at risk from data and financial loss, damage to business reputation, and unwanted media exposure.

In our modern, interconnected world, cyber attacks are never far from public view as businesses and corporate organisations become increasingly vulnerable from a surge in incidents; with criminals and state actors seeking to steal commercial secrets on an unprecedented scale. We provide businesses with the ability to elevate their cyber security defences and help them to protect, detect and respond to advanced threats.

We apply our professional skills and our exceptional experience to provide our clients with threat-integrated solutions to help them reduce digital risks to their most sensitive data, systems and people. The scope of our work includes the provision of vulnerability scans, penetration tests and detail-orientated audits of IT and network security architecture.

Additionally, we have extensive experience in providing information security compliance and assurance services to clients - every solution we provide is pragmatic and bespoke in design. We take a detailed and security-oriented approach to help our clients create a more robust security and governance posture that further enables our clients to be compliant in accordance with ISO 27001 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cyber Security and Information Resilience solutions
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The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’

Cyber Risk Management Services

Malta-based Cyber Security and Intelligence company
Prepare and Prevent

Providing internal and external risk assessments, policy reviews, penetration tests and vulnerability scans to provide corporate and government clients with assurance and expert-level protection

Cyber Risk Assessments for companies in Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Investigate and Respond

Responding to, and investigating cyber-enabled intrusions and data theft by providing our clients with effective forensics, data collection, preservation and APT detection capabilities

Cyber penetration testing services for Denmark-based companies
Remediate and Restore

Providing integrated solutions to help enterprises recover from a cyber attack and monitor threats to their intellectual property, brand and reputation

The Benefits We Deliver


Industrial Experience

Our experts have extensive experience of providing cyber and information security services across multiple industrial sectors including finance, gaming and retail - our experience enable us to provide you with solutions that are the right fit.


Holistic Approach

Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplined approach to security and our capability to integrate cyber security into physical security designs. Our expertise enables us to provide enterprises with an all-rounded resilient security posture.


Discretion and Diligence

We are discreet when providing assistance to clients who have fallen victim to a cyber-related incident. Our expert investigators provide clients with the necessary solutions and reassurance to find resolutions to the most complex of cases.

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Remediate and Restore

We provide our clients with the ability to quickly and efficiently recover from a cyber-related incident by providing them with the capability to implement technical and procedural changes, forensically recover data, and trace lost data and intellectual property.

Prepare and Prevent

We provide our clients with an integrated range of risk-aware advisory, consultancy and technical solutions, at the same time we help them understand the role of cyber security by providing effective insight that's tailored to their business environment and respective markets.

Strategy Nord is now a Paliscope Educational Program Partner

Strategy Nord is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Paliscope as an Educational Program Partner.


Applying our internationally-recognised accreditations and workforce of seasoned maritime security experts, we provide ISPS-compliant maritime security solutions and help our clients to enforce and maintain security requirements and legislation.

The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’
The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’

On 02 January, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) confirmed that Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was killed in a US missile strike in Baghdad.

Strategy Nord Selected to Provide Capacity Building Support to CEPOL
Strategy Nord Selected to Provide Capacity Building Support to CEPOL

Strategy Nord is pleased to announce that it has been selected by CEPOL to provide expert capacity building support for a range of development projects