We design and deliver managed intelligence capability development programmes which include the provision of training and mentoring focusing on intelligence-gathering disciplines and the implementation of advanced intelligence collection and processing systems. Our programmes are adapted to suit a broad range of organisations with an intelligence mandate including militaries, police forces, internal security forces and government intelligence agencies.

Our team works closely with clients, including those located in vulnerable and conflict-affected regions by implementing essential change and enabling them to address a broad array of security challenges. We do this by enabling our clients to gather all-source intelligence against serious threats including terrorism, organised crime, insurgency and espionage using recognised and cutting-edge techniques and systems.

Military Intelligence

We design and implement custom-built training, mentoring and advisory programmes for militaries - raising their capacity to gather information from sources and producing actionable intelligence. Our intelligence training offerings for military clients include:

  • Tactical Intelligence: Training for ground-level military formations that enables them to collect targeted all-source information
  • Operational Intelligence: Ensuring that military forces can effectively gather intelligence in support of larger military operations and multi-national campaigns
  • Technical Intelligence: Enabling military forces to collect, analyse and exploit technical weapons and equipment
  • Human Intelligence: Providing military forces with the capability to covertly handle and gather tactical and strategic information from sources
  • Open Source Intelligence: Enabling military forces to exploit information from open sources to produce targeted intelligence
We apply our expertise across all intelligence disciplines including HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT, IMINT and GEOINT to train Police and Military Forces in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East
Our experience has been developed from our well-established careers in British Intelligence, and our partnership with leading solutions provider Paliscope enables us to transform our clients' intelligence capabiltiies

Police Intelligence

We apply our combined law enforcement and government intelligence experience to individually design and deliver scaleable intelligence training and mentoring programmes for police, gendarmerie and internal security forces. In addition to offering basic-level intelligence gathering and analysis training, our team also provides highly specialised programmes covering the following key areas:

  • Human Intelligence: Advanced training that enables police and law enforcement forces to develop and manage covert human intelligence sources
  • Surveillance: Comprehensive training and mentoring programmes covering rural and mobile surveillance techniques
  • Open Source Intelligence: Hands-on and comprehensive training activity designed to enhance the collection and analysis of intelligence obtained from open sources
  • Covert Internet Investigations: Advanced instruction on the use of 'sock-puppet' accounts to covertly elicit information from sources
  • Digital Forensics Investigations: Comprehensive training that enables the effective collection and analysis of evidence from computers, mobile devices and computer networks.

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