Our investigation consulting team is comprised of former investigators and officers from a range of law-enforcement agencies.

Managing complex cases

We help you manage serious and complex incidents and bring about a successful resolution

What we do

Every investigation we undertake has its own unique situation, and our methodology varies from case to case. We provide a range of investigative services including integrity due diligence for organisations to help them mitigate risks from new and existing commercial relationships and to help inform their strategic decision-making.

Our significant military and law enforcement experience enables us to plan and implement investigations covering a wide range of issues ranging from corporate wrongdoings to terrorist incidents.

Enabling businesses to detect, contain and manage risks

We provide discreet investigative due diligence that enables businesses to recruit, invest and develop partnerships with confidence

Services we provide

Helping you mitigate risks from new and existing commercial relationships

From undercover work to video surveillance, our private detectives are trained for all investigation-related tasks.

Whether you are seeking to conduct comprehensive background screenings of potential recruits, measuring the risk exposure of your existing workforce, or seeking to evaluate potential investors and suppliers - our team provides a broad spectrum of consultative and technical solutions to address your specific needs.

We apply a holistic and risk-based approach to ensure that our due diligence programmes are tailored to the most appropriate level for your enterprise. Our capability to provide effective due diligence is measured on our experience of supporting numerous high-profile corporate enterprises and government institutions.

Our solutions

We offer solutions tailored to your investigation consulting needs to detect mischief or crime, such as workplace harassment, assaults, threats, absenteeism, drugs and narcotics, theft and fraud, counterfeiting, copyright infringement, and industrial espionage.

Employee Screening

Enabling employers to recruit with confidence by providing extensive checks and assessing risks

Strategy Nord has the expertise to conduct vetting procedures, at the request of private parties to examine whether there are any issues that could cast doubt on the reliability, credibility, or judgement.

Staff Vetting

Measure the integrity and risk exposure of employees engaged in sensitive business roles

Whether you need business intelligence information or comprehensive investigations that will allow you to make decisions with confidence, we put our experience to work for you.

Investor Due Diligence

Strengthening your business deals through the early identification of problems and discrepancies

Corporate and competitor intelligence services in Denmark, the U.K., the U.A.E., Lebanon, Libya, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Market Due Diligence

Identifying frontier markets in order to help businesses establish profitable business operations

Market entry intelligence services in Denmark, the U.K., the U.A.E., Lebanon, Libya, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Third-Party Screening

Investigating third parties and supply chains to help develop an understanding of associated risks

Strategy Nord provides companies with a comprehensive suite of due diligence and business intelligence solutions so they can better protect their investments and make critical business decisions with confidence.

We provide dedicated close support to our clients to help resolve a wide range of unforeseen incidents including fraud, intellectual property theft, financial improprieties, corruption, bribery, workplace violence and cybercrime. We leverage our significant capabilties and experience from the law enforcement, government and corporate sectors to provide our clients with the essential means to respond to and resolve incidents.

With experience of managing investigations on behalf of several government institutions and high-profile corporate enterprises, Strategy Nord is a trusted partner for organisations seeking a swift and effective resolution to complex cases. Leveraging our investigative and analytical capabilities, we develop and implement comprehensive strategies that include the identification of sources and the underlying cause of wrongdoings.

Our solutions

Whether you are evaluating investments, entering new markets, vetting third parties or satisfying regulatory requirements, we offer a broad spectrum of consultancy solutions.


Applying our multidisciplinary expertise to help them respond to, and investigate complex cases concerning corruption and bribery

Our experts have vast experience with collecting and identifying digital evidence, as well as with interpreting and presenting this information for litigation.

Digital Forensics

Acquiring and analysing data from servers, back-ups, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablet/PDA, cloud storage, IoT devices and more

We utilise host-based analysis, the latest digital forensic techniques and reverse engineering to identify the source and type of attack, how it spread, and what systems data and users have been compromised.

Cyber Incident Response

When a cyber-related incident occurs in the workplace, we help contain, manage, investigate and remedy cyber-related incidents effectively

Our global team of experts enables effective investigations and support across markets at different points in the supply chain.

Fraud Investigations

We investigate complex cases of fraud by conducting investigative interviews, examining witness statements, and retrieving material evidence

Strategy Nord works strategically with clients and their legal counsel to manage and protect against theft, counterfeiting, diversion and misappropriation of patents, customer data and trade secrets.

Intellectual Property Theft

Providing a fully integrated range of protection, investigative and analysis services to help businesses overcome occurrences of theft

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