Strategy Nord provides expert support and advisory services to help enterprises manage and investigate threats to corporate assets and private wealth. Applying our expertise in counter-espionage and threat detection, we identify and investigate insider threats; then we apply essential threat-mitigating processes.

Our team has proven expertise in supporting complex investigations on behalf of several high-profile enterprises, including those situated in countries where managerial oversight is relatively low. Drawing on our expertise, we investigate cases that require specialist capabilities including cyber and digital forensics. In addition to investigating traditional cases of financial theft, we often consult with clients to investigate critical data breaches, stolen assets or un-reported royalties.

Every investigation is carefully planned and coordinated to ensure that no facts are over-looked; our attention to detail is what enables us to provide our clients with successful resolutions to even the most complex cases, including those with cross border and jurisdictional factors.

Financial Investigation Services

Identifying and recovering financial assets
Asset Tracing and Recovery

We identify and trace hidden assets worldwide by enabling our global network of sources to help us overcome jurisdictional issues and confirm the presence of assets that require retrieval

Investigating corruption and bribery cases throughout Europe
Anti-Corruption Investigations

We work on behalf of our corporate and government clients by applying our multidisciplinary expertise to help them respond to, and investigate complex cases concerning corruption and bribery

Cyber incident response services in Denmark
Cyber Incident Response

When a cyber-related incident occurs, an immediate response ensures that data loss and public exposure is minimised. We help contain, manage, investigate and remedy cyber-related incidents effectively

Analysing hidden and /or deleted data from computer and mobile devices
Digital Forensic Investigations

We apply our skills and knowledge of supporting civil and criminal cases to acquire and analyse data from servers, back-ups, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablet/PDA, cloud storage, IoT devices and more

Specialist investigative support for insurance companies
Fraudulent Claims Investigations

Providing businesses with an integrated range of technical and analytical services to investigate fraudulent claims including surveillance, internet investigations, digital forensics and integrity due diligence

Supporting workplace investigations and whistleblower claims
Whistleblower Allegations

We support complex cases concerning whistleblower allegations by conducting investigative interviews, integrity due diligence and internet investigations in order to measure the veracity and accuracy of claims

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Internal Investigations

We provide dedicated close support to our clients to help resolve a wide range of unforeseen incidents including fraud, intellectual property theft, financial improprieties, corruption, bribery, workplace violence and cybercrime.

Specialist Investigations

Our capability to deliver is measured by the skills of our former law enforcement, intelligence and military experts; the majority of whom have proven experience in managing and investigating cross-border and financial crime, terrorist incidents and kidnappings.

Strategy Nord is now a Paliscope Educational Program Partner

Strategy Nord is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Paliscope as an Educational Program Partner.


Applying our internationally-recognised accreditations and workforce of seasoned maritime security experts, we provide ISPS-compliant maritime security solutions and help our clients to enforce and maintain security requirements and legislation.

The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’
The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’

On 02 January, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) confirmed that Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was killed in a US missile strike in Baghdad.

Strategy Nord Selected to Provide Capacity Building Support to CEPOL
Strategy Nord Selected to Provide Capacity Building Support to CEPOL

Strategy Nord is pleased to announce that it has been selected by CEPOL to provide expert capacity building support for a range of development projects