Risk Management

Operational and protective security solutions from Strategy Nord are tailored to the threat environment and the business context of your operations. They integrate client culture and local practical constraints and aim to facilitate long-term project goals.

Anticipating risks with expert precision

We work with businesses to protect their people, information, assets and reputation by providing a range of risk-mitigating solutions

What we do

We apply a holistic and measured approach to risk management that ensures the protection of our clients' brand and the safety of their business operations. Our team applies decades of experience and a diverse range of skills to design and manage projects with expert precision - from start to finish.

Whether we are conducting comprehensive risk assessments in accordance with regulatory requirements or investigating complex cases concerning intellectual property theft, we ensure the delivery of scalable solutions wherever they are required.

We minimise risks to our clients by ensuring that tested and future-proof risk mitigation policies, processes and procedures are implemented and maintained. To ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive and detail-oriented solutions, we have developed a range of integrated and bespoke consultancy tools that support detection and deterrence measures, and enable our clients to safely conduct their business activities.

Transferring our expert knowledge

We help businesses by providing them with creative and forward-looking advice on how best to minimise risks

Services we provide

Helping you manage risks to your business and critical assets

We help our clients evaluate and understand the risks they face, acting to mitigate these risks wherever possible, and providing the tools to fully prepare clients to react successfully to a crisis should it occur. They also benefit from the skills and experience of our team in addition to trusted security advice, risk mitigation strategies, secure support and integrated solutions for strategic clients or those operating in complex or sensitive environments.

Whether you are facing serious threats such as crime or terrorism, or risks associated with entering new ventures, markets or territories, we design and implement effective measures to mitigate or manage these risks. Should the unexpected happen, we will support you in times of emergency or crisis.

Our solutions

Whether you require support throughout an entire project life cycle or for a single event, we can deliver a right-sized solution that meets the threats you face.

Security Assessments

Assessing the effectiveness of your security arrangements and reinforcing them in the most effective and non-disruptive means

From basic journey management advice, to supporting complex restructuring, wholesale, or event security management, our combination of skill sets, local knowledge, and a rigorous methodical approach helps companies succeed in todays complex operating environments.

Policy Development

Designing security policies that address the risks and challenges facing your enterprise in accordance with legal and regulatory frameworks

Identifying the risks your organization faces is the first step in protecting against them. Our security consulting services are tailored to your specific needs to help you understand, manage, and mitigate your current and future risks.

Security Planning

Reforming and strengthening enterprise risk management processes by enhancing roles and responsibilities across small to large-scale enterprises

Our security audits can help identify gaps in your security measures and establish strategies and deterrents to ensure your building remains secure.

Intellectual Property Protection

Future-proof policies and processes to safeguard your intellectual property from traditional and modern-day threats

We provide essential consultancy to clients: to map their security needs, guide them towards the right solutions and assist with their implementation.

Employee Screening and Vetting

Helping businesses recruit with confidence and mitigate risks by providing extensive checks and integrity due diligence

Our security experts have acted on behalf of a diverse client base on matters that include security planning, site portfolio reviews, security surveys and penetration tests, training and intelligence programme development, expert testimony and post-incident investigation.

Cyber Vulnerability Assessments

We identify and remove security vulnerabilities that exist on critical systems and improve the overall resilience of network infrastructure

Protective security consulting services we provide to businesses in Denmark, the U.K., the U.A.E., Lebanon, Libya, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

We enable people to remain safe and secure even in the most challenging of environments and situations; our capability to safeguard corporate enterprises, government organisations and private clients is enabled by our comprehensive awareness of threats and our processes to mitigate our clients' exposure to them.

When providing our protective services, we provide detailed insight to our clients by indicating where they are most vulnerable and how we can counteract a wide variety of threats that they face. In addition to providing protective support for enterprises and people when dealing with threats including workplace violence, stalkers and corporate espionage, we also provide tailored protective services to help companies explore business opportunities and operate in complex and high-threat environments.

Our solutions

We offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism, close protection and support to governments.

Executive Protection

Dedicated support for executives and vulnerable individuals; and specialised solutions including converged travel-related planning and assistance

Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the military, diplomatic and intelligence services, as well as in the police, journalism, the UN, finance and commerce.

Threat Analysis

Applying proven intelligence gathering techniques to identify and analyse current emerging threats, and advise on controlled and discreet responses

Our tailored protective security services help our clients to operate in complex and high-threat environments. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the clients needs.

Travel Security

Operating on behalf of our clients to plan and safeguard their business and personal travel by conducting security reviews and responsive assistance

Strategy Nord has developed a range of integrated and bespoke consultancy tools that support detection and deterrence measures, and enable our clients to safely conduct their business activities.

Event Security

Providing a customised range of solutions to protect shareholder and board-level meetings, high profile sporting and entertainment events, and filming locations

Strategy Nord supports clients to evaluate and understand the risks they and their organisations may face, acting to mitigate these risks wherever possible, and providing the tools to fully prepare clients to react successfully to a crisis should it occur.

Data Security

Protecting critical data and intellectual property by analysing and addressing digital risks to people, network systems, documents and personal devices

We offer trusted security advice, risk mitigation strategies, secure support and integrated solutions for strategic clients or those operating in complex or sensitive environments.

We work alongside our clients to help tailor and implement the most effective and cost-efficient risk mitigating measures. Our bespoke risk management solutions provide corporations with the means to introduce changes and implement strategies aimed at reducing risks to their assets, people and reputation.

Our services ensure that our clients implement effective security risk management processes and policies in all key business areas including operations, finance, technology and management. We work closely with strategic decision makers within corporate enterprises to help reform their approach to security risk management. Our methodology is tailored in such a way that addresses our clients' security concerns, their understanding of risk, and the tolerance levels that exists within their environment.

Our solutions

Whether threats are from crime or terrorism, or simply from entering new ventures markets or territories, we work to design and implement effective measures to mitigate or manage these risks.

Risk Governance

Dedicated monitoring, reporting, and analysis to enure that businesses remain compliant with legal and industrial regulations

Security Design

We apply detail-oriented thinking to designing future-proof security architecture to protect businesses, their assets and their people

By understanding the threat we can use our expertise, global resources and intelligence to work with our clients to develop a solution which matches their exact requirements.

Business Continuity

Ensuring your business can withstand a disruptive event by helping you implement flexible approaches to work and effective crisis management plans

Brand Protection

Leveraging our expertise in computer forensics, security consulting, intelligence and investigations to help our clients secure assets before a loss is suffered

We enable our clients to develop resilience to business risk by providing proactive intelligence gathering, analysis and research, using the latest techniques and processes

Asset Recovery

Working on behalf of businesses to enforce legal judgments that award financial damages or seek the return of funds misappropriated through inappropriate means

Our global footprint includes investigative teams, specialist researchers and on-the-ground sources, giving your organisation the ability to make informed decisions.

Vetting and Screening

Enabling businesses to recruit with confidence by providing extensive checks and integrity due diligence in order to minimise reputational and physical risks

We provide education for security professionals and non-professionals alike, using tailored packages to inform them about security threats and transfer practical skills and client-specific processes.

Security Training

Providing businesses and government institutions with essential training programmes and imparting our expertise in risk management, intelligence and cyber security

We provide anti-piracy and risk analysis to the shipping industry. Our vessel protection services covers commercial shipping, cruise liners and super yachts.

We help businesses in the maritime sector understand risks to their operations and advise them of the best strategies to enforce. Strategy Nord is internationally accredited to provide effective maritime security and risk advisory services to help protect port facilities, ships and superyachts.

Our services are provided for all organisations involved in maritime operations such as oil and gas, exploration, logistics, and tourism. We use our expert team of ISPS-qualified consultants to deliver integrated and flexible solutions to meet the increasing challenges within the maritime sector. We tailor each of our solutions to protect lives, safeguard assets, and secure vessels and port facilities.

Our solutions

We deliver commercially focused audits and surveys of ports and port facilities to support our clients operations in high-risk maritime environments. All work undertaken by Aegis and its associates is carried out by qualified Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO).

Port Security

Providing ISPS-compliant security risk assessments, security design, and business continuity planning services

We produce bespoke maritime intelligence products provide our clients with meaningful intelligence and analysis to inform decision-making and business continuity planning in maritime environments worldwide.

Maritime Intelligence

Protecting the maritime industry by providing detail-oriented insight concerning current and emerging threats

We deliver a fully integrated suite of technical security measures designed to detect, deter, delay, deny and respond to threats. These measures range from operating and managing Maritime Early Warning Systems (MEWS) to establishing physical security measures.

Security Planning

Enabling port facilities, shipping companies and associated businesses conduct maritime operations confidently and securely

Our specialist maritime professionals are highly experienced in delivering timely and sound tactical decisions without compromising safety, health, or environmental considerations.

Vessel Security

Expert tactical solutions including risk assessments, embedded security operators and risk analysis for corporate and private clients

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