We help businesses engaged in the maritime sector to understand risks to their operations and advise them of the best strategies to enforce. Strategy Nord is internationally accredited to provide effective maritime security and risk advisory services to help protect port facilities, ships and superyachts.

Our services are provided for all organisations involved in maritime operations such as oil and gas, exploration, logistics, and tourism. We use our expert team of ISPS-qualified consultants to deliver integrated and flexible solutions to meet the increasing challenges within the maritime sector. We tailor each of our solutions to protect lives, safeguard assets, and secure vessels and port facilities.

The importance of the maritime industry is measured by a range of threats that it faces such as terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime. A security-related event against any aspect of the maritime industry can place a considerable strain on economic trade. With cybercrime and cyber terrorism emerging as a prominent security challenge to the maritime industry, we apply our skills to identify, secure and safeguard your critical maritime and logistical systems from threats.

Maritime Security Services

Port facility security consulting services in Denmark
Port Security

Providing commercial port facilities with ISPS-compliant security risk assessments, threat intelligence, security design, and business continuity planning services

Maritime intelligence and incident reporting services

We protect shipping companies and offshore oil and gas installations by providing detail-oriented insight concerning current and emerging maritime threats

Maritime security planning services for Danish shipping companies
Security Planning

Enabling port facilities, shipping companies, and oil and gas enterprises to address risks and conduct business operations confidently and securely

Ship and vessel security solutions
Vessel Security

Providing expert tactical solutions including risk assessments, embedded security operators and risk analysis for corporate and private clients

Maritime security training solutions
Security Training

Delivering effective training and mentoring to security operators; and implementing graduated response measures in accordance with international laws

Managing maritime cyber risks and implementing security solutions
Cyber Risk Assessments

Securing critical maritime assets including navigational and satellite communication systems by providing an essential range of cyber defence solutions

Information security solutions for maritime companies
Information Security

Enabling ports, shipping companies, and oil and gas enterprises to secure their most critical data in accordance with industrial and regulatory requirements

Background check and staff vetting services
Vetting and Screening

Helping businesses recruit with confidence by providing extensive checks and integrity due diligence. We also ensure that integrity and reputational risks are effectively identified and minimised

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Protective Security

Our team provides solutions that are tailored to your specific business requirements. Predominantly driven by our significant military experience, we ensure the delivery of managed security services regardless of the nature of the operating environment.

Security Consulting

Whether we are conducting comprehensive risk assessments in accordance with regulatory requirements or investigating complex cases concerning intellectual property theft, we ensure the delivery of scalable solutions wherever they are required.

Strategy Nord is now a Paliscope Educational Program Partner

Strategy Nord is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Paliscope as an Educational Program Partner.


Applying our internationally-recognised accreditations and workforce of seasoned maritime security experts, we provide ISPS-compliant maritime security solutions and help our clients to enforce and maintain security requirements and legislation.

The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’
The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’

On 02 January, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) confirmed that Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was killed in a US missile strike in Baghdad.

Strategy Nord Selected to Provide Capacity Building Support to CEPOL
Strategy Nord Selected to Provide Capacity Building Support to CEPOL

Strategy Nord is pleased to announce that it has been selected by CEPOL to provide expert capacity building support for a range of development projects