IS increases focus on prisons

IS has told its members that freeing prisoners is a top priority, as the group seeks to capitalise on the "success" of its recent attack on a prison in east Afghanistan. IS made the call in the latest issue of its weekly newspaper al-Naba, via the messaging apps Hoop and Telegram. 

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Crimean water shortage stokes Russia – Ukraine tensions

With the annexed Crimean peninsula facing an increasingly acute shortage of fresh water, speculation has been rife lately that Russia may launch a military offensive against Ukraine in order to seize a dam in the country's south to unblock supply.

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Health Situation in Iraq Further Deteriorates

With a health care system that was lacking at the best of times, Iraq has stood as one of the most vulnerable countries since Covid-19 hit, and cases have recently skyrocketed to become among the highest in the region.

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Sudan’s judicial reforms gain increased criticism

Sudan has repealed several Islamic laws that have long been criticised for violating human rights, particularly the rights of women. The amendments are among sweeping social and political reforms the civilian-led transitional government pledged to undertake.

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