Project Overview

A member of the Strategy Nord team was requested by a European Union agency to assist with a large-scale Counter-Terrorism capacity building programme for the Lebanese Internal Security Forces in Beirut, Lebanon. This programme included the provision of specialised Network Forensics and Analysis training activities designed to raise the capacity of the Internal Security Forces to detect and monitor a broad range of criminal and terrorist threats.

Project Execution

Alongside other representatives and European Union oversight, a comprehensive training programme was designed and developed consisting of classroom-based lessons and practical-based tuition on several open-source tools including Wireshark, Nmap and Paliscope. Our team member deployed to Beirut, Lebanon to deliver the training for specialist cyber personnel at the Lebanese Internal Security Force Training Academy. The training programme included the following key subject matter areas:

  • All Source Intelligence Functions
  • Target Development
  • Network Architecture
  • Operational Security and Threat Intelligence
  • Network Packet Sniffing
  • Network Packet Capture
  • Network Packet Analysis
  • Proxy Servers

Project Outcome

The participation of our team member in the design and delivery of the Network Forensics and Analysis Training ensured that participants gained a significant level of knowledge into how they can collect digital evidence in order to detect and monitor criminal and terrorist threats in Lebanon. The successful delivery of the training programme also enabled the Lebanese Internal Security Forces to gain enhanced confidence in their team of cyber specialists and identify additional training and development needs.

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