Project Overview

A member of the Strategy Nord team assisted a European Union agency in the design and delivery of a comprehensive training programme for several EU member Law Enforcement agencies focusing on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). The training activity aimed to enhance Cybercrime investigations by improving the collection, evaluation, collation, analysis, and distribution of information to tackle all forms of crime, particularly terrorism and organised crime.

Project Execution

In a virtual working environment, our team member joined other training experts to design and develop training presentations, training materials and practical exercises covering a wide range of OSINT and SOCMINT-related themes including:

  • Introduction to OSINT
    • OSINT Definition
    • OSINT Categories
    • OSINT Methodologies
    • The Intelligence Cycle
    • OSINT Reports
  • Internet
    • Internet Principles
    • Google Hacking Techniques
    • Image and video search techniques
    • Email header analysis
    • Social media characteristics
    • Searching for people
    • Social media search techniques
  • Darkweb
    • Anonymisation tools
    • The Deep Web and Dark Web
    • Tor Network
    • Searching techniques on the Dark Web

Project Outcome

The participation of our team member in designing and delivering the training activity ensured that all participants gained a comprehensive knowledge and practical understanding of collecting and analysing open-source information. Training participants also gained a demonstrable understanding of Imaging and Hashing digital evidence in addition to designing and deploying an Intelligence Collection Plan (ICP) for investigative and intelligence purposes according to international standards.

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