Project Overview

Strategy Nord was requested to help enhance the operational military capabilities of an East African country through the provision of training activities in support of an over-arching transformation programme. Aimed at enhancing military capacity to plan, execute and coordinate Counter-IED, Counter-Terrorism and Border Security operational activity; the programme also sought to strengthen the client's interoperability with African Union and NATO member countries.

Project Execution

Integrating our team of training and development consultants within the client's Strategic Command, Strategy Nord conducted a thorough analysis of our client's operational requirements, enabling us to design and develop an effective training and capability development strategy encompassing the following activities:

  • Systems Integration: Working with a third-party supplier, Information and Communications Technology systems including specialist operational planning and intelligence management software was supplied to the client, then integrated across several operational units.
  • Strategic Transformation: Working closely with our client, a comprehensive re-structuring of functional areas within the client's Strategic Command was initiated alongside a series of Operations Management, Planning and Intelligence training activity for senior staff officers.
  • Operational Training and Capability Development: Our team embedded themselves within our client's operational military formations to implement a series of restructuring activities in addition to a comprehensive series of training for military officer and senior non-commissioned officers covering the following key themes.
    • Counter-IED
    • Counter-Intelligence
    • Counter-Radicalisation
    • Operational Intelligence
    • Weapons Intelligence
    • Intelligence Exploitation
    • Border Security

Project Outcome

Upon successful conclusion of the programme, Strategy Nord significantly raised the military capabilities of our client to plan, execute and coordinate Counter-IED, Counter-Terrorism and Border Security operations. This was achieved by implementing complete structural change across our client's strategic and operational functions and imparting our expertise through effective training and mentoring - ensuring greater interoperability between our client and African Union and NATO partners.

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