Project Overview

In 2015, the territorial successes of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq heightened the risk of terrorist activity spilling over into Lebanon. The same year, Islamic State claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack in Beirut which killed 44 people, making it the largest terrorist attack in Lebanon since 1990 and the first of its kind since June 2014. The increase in Islamic State activity also increased national and international concerns of a wave of targeted attacks by Islamic State in response to Hezbollah's intervention in Syria.

Project Execution

Working on behalf of a foreign government international development agency, our team deployed to Lebanon to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the needs of the Lebanese Armed Forces. Our analysis resulted in the design and development of a comprehensive Tactical and Operational Intelligence Capability Development programme, consisting of practical and classroom-based training delivered for Lebanese Armed Forces personnel assigned to intelligence roles in vulnerable areas of the country. Our Tactical and Operational Intelligence Capability Development programme included specialised training of the following themes:

  • The Intelligence Cycle
  • Collection, Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Environment
  • Human Terrain Analysis
  • Pattern and Link Analysis
  • Threat Evaluation
  • Threat Integration
  • Decision Support and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Collection Plans

Project Outcome

Over the course of several months, our training team deployed to several Lebanese Armed Forces facilities located across several border regions to train several class intakes totalling approximately 150 personnel. Through our training, we raised the Lebanese Armed Forces' capacity to detect and monitor cross-border security risks by enabling them effectively plan, coordinate and manage intelligence collection activities within tactical and operational settings.

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