We work alongside legal firms and High Court Enforcement agencies to identify critical assets and help recover them safely and efficiently. Additionally, we provide specialised investigative support for public prosecution authorities and law firms with regards to high profile and complex cases.

Working on behalf of our clients, we undertake complex investigations by applying the expertise of our specialist team of former law enforcement detectives and intelligence officers. Applying our expertise in Digital Forensics, Covert Internet Investigations and Open Source Intelligence; we provide our clients with a unique range of solutions that complement traditional methods of investigations.

Asset Identification and Recovery

We conduct complex international asset searches on-behalf of businesses and court enforcement agencies. Our team often work on behalf of those seeking to enforce legal judgments or the return of funds, and we do this by making use of our investigative and intelligence gathering techniques to pinpoint the location of assets with expert precision.

Internet Investigations

Working covertly, we provide clients in the legal sector with internet investigations to help them uncover key pieces of supporting evidence for criminal and civil cases. From corporate wrongdoings to criminal activity, we regularly collect and process digital evidence in accordance with appropriate evidence handling regulations.

Digital Forensics

Applying our expertise in extracting and analysing digital evidence from computer, mobile, PDA and removable drives, we provide ACPO-compliant solutions on behalf of criminal and civil cases. Our team use current software, tools and methods to extract digital evidence, and present it in a format that is admissible in legal proceedings. We also provide expert witness services for complex cases.

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Sectors: NGO’s and INGO’s

We understand the nature of the work and sensitivities involved in NGOs and INGOs working in often non-permissive, uncertain, hostile or high-risk environments. Our experts provide risk advice and security solutions to clients and asssist with development and security projects.

The death of the ‘Shadow Commander’

On 02 January, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) confirmed that Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was killed in a US missile strike in Baghdad.

Sectors: News and Media

Our service offerings to our clients in the television, filming, news and entertainment sectors includes security advisory services for activity in conflict-affected and high-risk locations to executive protection for media personalities during high-profile events.

Strategy Nord is now a Paliscope Educational Program Partner
Strategy Nord is now a Paliscope Educational Program Partner

Strategy Nord is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Paliscope as an Educational Program Partner.

#saveouriraq – What everyone should know about the ongoing protests in Iraq
#saveouriraq – What everyone should know about the ongoing protests in Iraq

Do you have business interests in Iraq? Read our analysis and first-hand observations of the ongoing protests in Iraq.

Military and Law Enforcement
Sectors: Military and Law Enforcement

Strategy Nord is a key supplier of capability development services for military, law enforcement and government security institutions. Our underlying approach is to help our clients integrate recognised processes that improve interoperability with NATO forces and EU Member States.